Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Phillipe - Mixed Breed (West Los Angeles, CA)

Phillipe is a darling little 14 year old (9 pounds) rescued from North Central about a month ago. He is seeking a backup foster home, or a new foster home, with a yard and who is home more often.

He is great with other pets, and very loving, but after 14 years as a backyard dog (we believe) he is not housebreaking easily in a foster home that works full time and doesnt have a yard.

If you are interested in being his new foster home, or in helping to give his foster momma breaks, or perhaps take him and try to housebreak him, please contact Bonnie at helpingdogs76@yahoo.com.

He is already neutered, vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, and is getting a dental on Sunday, May 13th. He is displaying a very, very MILD cough, which could be kennel cough, or could be symptoms of heart issues. We believe he is in his last year of life and he must be spoiled whereever he goes.

I'd like to thank Bonnie for sharing Phillipe with us. If anyone has a little room at their place (and heart) and can give Phillipe a great home for the rest of his life, I'm sure his love will pay you back triple what you give. 

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  1. Just another reminder, that even an additional foster parent would be great for Phillipe. He's in West LA, but Bonnie would be willing to transport him down to San Diego.