Friday, May 17, 2013

Simba - Chow Mix (Oroville, WA)

Simba, a lovable senior chow mix is available for adoption
Simba and Casey have been together since he was eight weeks old when she adopted him from the Spokane Humane society. Unfortunately she's moving overseas and cannot take him, but very much cares about him and wants to do the right thing by finding him a new home.

Simba is 7 years old and I have had him his whole life. I adopted him from Spokane Humane Society when he was about 8 weeks old.

Here's what she has to say about her long time companion:
"Simba is a male Chow Chow/Australian Shepherd mix. He's looking for a new loving forever home with a kind and patient owner. I adopted him when he was 2 months old from the Spokane Humane Society. Unfortunately I am moving overseas, and can not take him with me. He's moved with me from Washington to California and back, but this time it's just not possible to take him. He's a wonderful dog and it breaks my heart to have to re-home him. I am looking for an owner that will give this dog a forever home, so that he may live out the rest of his days with a family that loves him, cares for him, and understands him just as much (or more) than I do."

He gets along great with cats, but would do best in a home without other dogs or small children. He does fine with small doses of kids and dogs, just not living with them. This guy prefers a quiet and peaceful home with laid back owners.

"Simba is a mellow senior dog that likes to lay in the sun and watch the birds and squirrels outside, take long naps, and go on short walks. He enjoys gentle play time, ear scratches, and hugs. He's a tried and true assistant chef that will keep your kitchen floor nice and clean! He walks well on a leash, and has basic training. He's very well behaved and pays attention/listens well to commands.

Simba is a minor special needs dog, and he requires an extra special owner that understands him and will be willing to work with him and his needs. He is in very good health overall, but he can have slight urinary incontinence overnight. He does fine during the day when he can be let out every couple of hours. However, at night he wears a reusable male wrap diaper just in case of accidents. If you're able and willing to get up and let him out in the middle of the night, you won't ever have to worry about this problem. (I usually let him out 4-4.5 hours after I go to sleep and I never wake up to a wet diaper in the morning). The diaper is recommended for use overnight (just in case) or if you're out of the house and he's left indoors for more than 2-3 hours at a time.

He is mostly an indoor dog, and doesn't do well with being tied up or left alone outside for long periods of time. He does enjoy the out doors when the weather is nice, but he needs a home that will allow him to live and sleep inside. He was raised in an apartment and does well in any sized home (despite his own size). He is quiet and laid back. He doesn't bark much, but he will alert you to intruders.

Simba is a Chow Chow mix and has the temperament of a Chow. ****Understanding of the breed and patience is required!***** Past history with the breed is even better. He is a sensitive dog that needs a gentle hand (loud scolding, yelling, or hitting just won't do. A soft remark or correction is all he needs). You must be an owner that can respect him and his boundaries. In return, he will respect you 10 fold, and will be the most loyal and loving companion you could ever wish for!"

Casey can be contacted via email at:

It's obvious that they have something special and someone will take a look at this and decide that they are in the right place to have a lovable dog like Simba look over them and vice versa.

Smiley Simba is looking for a home in Washington State