Monday, February 3, 2014

Urgent Plea for Senior Shepherd and Pit/Lab Mix - San Diego, CA

here are two very sweet older dogs that need our help that are in danger of being put down. My friend Sarah reached out to me to get them in front of as many people as possible in order to find them a new home or foster, 
Kala'ea is a 12 yr old German Shepherd who is in great condition, she just needs to be spayed and she has arthritis.  I am taking her to the vet today to get her x-rayed and pain meds.  Wednesday is a 9 yr old pit/lab who has a cancerous tumor and they could not afford surgery.  There is nothing being done to help her.  I am also taking her to the vet today to see if there is any medicine they could give her to help her stay comfortable.  She also has extreme skin allergies.

These dogs are like her children.  They are the kindest, most loving, lazy, sweet souls you will ever, EVER meet.  
The owner is moving and has chosen not to take the dogs. Sarah is a kind hearted soul who is putting it all put there to help get these two adopted. As she already has two dogs, she cannot take in another two in her current living arrangements. 
In her own words:" All I want is for these dogs to be okay, for them to be comfortable, and happy, and get lots of hugs and be fed and given their meds.  That is all they need.  They are so sweet and they are both doing great, they just need a home.  And a little TLC."

If you of a home for one or both of them, know of a rescue that can take them in, or can foster them until they find a new home, please text Sarah at (916)230-8357 or via email at:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sweetpea - Chihuahua Mix (Castiac, CA)

Sweetpea, a Chihuahua Mix is looking for a forever home
Sweetpea is a 9 year old Chihuahua mix looking for a forever home, he's in good health, up to date on all his shots,  He's house broken and was trained to use potty pads at one point, with a little practice I'm sure he could learn to use them again.  

He has a sweet temperament and a real lap dog, he just wants to be cuddled but does not do well with small children and large dogs.  He does however do great with other Chihuahuas and small dogs.   

For more information, please contact 
Tracey Phillips 
phone: 661-755-4371 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snickers - Husky (San Diego, CA)

Snickers, a senior husky, just needs a break. He's a good boy.
Snickers has hit a patch of bad luck. Despite being a loving, loyal guy all of his 13 years, he's being put out because his owner feels they can no longer care for him and their soon to be arriving child.

If there's a place in your home and heart for this old soul, he sure would appreciate the hand.

Contact Andrea at 1-816-797-8290 for more information.